You've never seen anything like it.
Because there's never been anything like it.

Licensing By Database ID...Really. Using Features Together Turns Into A Big Deal. Performance Expert Analysis. Four Basic Commands. Performance Charting... Wonderfully Impactful. True No Agent — Zero Collection Overhead! You Choose: Automatic Or Interactive. Together, these features take Oracle Database performance analysis to a place it's never been. And they'll do the same for every one of your analysis's.

Licensing By Database ID...Really.

Yes to licensing by Oracle Database ID means Yes to clones, Yes to development instances, and Yes to QA environments! Now you can easily determine licensing costs and you won't have to go begging for more. Don't forget about software license management. With a single license per Oracle Database ID, license management is a breeze!

When we say, "Stori is licensed by Oracle Database ID." we mean it!

Using Features Together Turns Into A Big Deal

Stori has a number of diagnostic features that can be used together.

For sure Stori gives you, "A thousand scripts in your pocket" all stemming from four basic commands. But uniting commands and features is where you really benefit! For example: Want to script your favorite command sequences — create a Playback file. Want to show your manager the performance situation — create a chart. Want to name one of your favorite commands — create an alias. Want to use previous command output as input into your next command — use variable substitution. And if you want just a performance summary, ask for it. If you want a full analysis, yep... simply ask. Which is one of many reasons Stori isn’t just extremely capable, it’s extremely flexible, too.

"It's like talking with a performance expert!"

It may be incredibly easy to use and quick to learn, but Stori with both interactive and automated capabilities is also incredibly powerful. To achieve all that in a single design required relentless focus and a willingness to make bold decisions. Every software aspect was designed, engineered, built, and packaged to the most exacting standards. Bloated software and pointless point and clicking were left behind in favor of a newer, joyful experience.

Experts know that Oracle performance is a dynamic mix of CPU consumption, IO activity, memory activity, network activity, and user requests. Stori understands this so well, she can tell you if the core issue resides outside of the database server... and why... and what to do about it!

Quantitative and unit of work time based analysis allows Stori to go beyond traditional IF-THEN decision methods. Stori essentially builds a model of the performance situation, explains it to you, and tells you what to do to make it better.

Numbers are important but so are words and pictures. This is why we put so much effort into how Stori communicates with you. For example, Stori analysis reports are delivered in beautifully formed and presented in HTML complete with charts and matrixes.

Stori expert analysis gives you action oriented information so you can make tough decisions.

Four Basic Commands

Using just four basic commands provides an unlimited number of questions you can ask Stori. You can ask Stori for raw performance data like this: "get oracle cpu consumed" or "get oracle wait time by event top 4" or "get sql id by elapsed_time_s". You can ask Stori to do some analysis like this: "what is the top sql matrix" or "is there a problem" or "what is top module". You can ask Stori to do a full analysis by asking simply, "analyze all".

Using the command aliasing feature, you can name even the most detailed Stori command into a simple easy-to-remember word.

Stori wants to make Oracle performance analysis easy while heightening quality.

Performance Charting... Wonderfully Impactful

Stori has a wonderful charting capability. There are pie charts, big bar charts, and line charts. We think visualization is so important, we even consulted with a designer to select just the right font and color scheme. You can interactively create the performance charts yourself. We also merged just the right charts into Stori's analysis reports.

Stori has a rich charting capability... and we are just getting started!

True No Agent — Zero Collection Overhead!

No additional data collection is needed! Stori only references existing Statspack data. This means no agent hassles and no "agentless" overhead.

Even "agentless" products still maintain a constant Oracle database link connection (and associated server process) for every monitored database. Plus they typically pull data out of your production database, across your network and through SQL*Net, and insert that data into their separate performance data repository... EVERY SECOND! Even the best collectors will consume thousands of seconds CPU, touch thousands of buffer, and writes thousands of Oracle Database blocks.

With Stori there are no additional data collection needs. Even "agentless" products can not honestly promise this!

You Choose! Automatic or Interactive

Actually you don't have to choose because you get both! Stori encourages interactive dialog just like an expert Oracle Database consultant does. But Stori also has the ability to automatically analyze your system and then present the results in a wonderfully useful format.

You can ask Stori for data about CPU consumption, IO activity, Oracle wait events, SQL statements, and more! Sometimes is nice to see this data presented in a consolidated format. That's why Stori has various matrixes highlighting the top SQL statements, modules, and programs.

Stori naturally encourages you to explore performance yet also quickly leads to the problem and presents you with solid solutions!

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  • You've never seen anything like it.
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  • Incredibly Powerful. By Design.
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  • You've never seen anything like it.
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  • Incredibly Powerful. By Design.