"Using Stori is like talking with an Oracle Database performance expert."

Full Stori License — only $499 per database

Only Stori correlates all the necessary server health indicators with a 100% quantitative analysis engine resulting in well organized performance story that makes sense complete with ranked recommendations and charts. No other product can do what Stori does!

Purchase your Stori license for Oracle Database Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition. Stori for Oracle Enterprise Edition limits some advanced analysis capabilities. To explore Stori for Oracle Enterprise Edition for FREE, check out StoriFree.

You will receive:

  • Free and full use for DB clones used for development, QA and testing
  • Free support for one year direct from Stori's developers
  • Access to immediate capability updates
  • Our guarantee that if Stori does not fully and accurately analyze your system we will enhance Stori for you!
  • No limit to seats, users, databases, clones, instances, and hosts
  • No agent so no load on monitored servers so data collection never stops
  • 1000 scripts in your pocket

You can view the legal agreements near the bottom of the download page.

Our Analysis Guarantee Promise:

If you are not sure Stori analyzed your system correctly, contact OraPub support. We will review the analysis for free to ensure it is 100% correct. If it is not correct, we will enhance Stori to properly analyze your system!

Your System Requirements:

You can review the system requirements on the FAQ page by selecting the "Start Here" tab, then the "System requirements" drop down.

License Structure:

Stori is licensed by the Oracle Database (database ID, DBID) of the Statspack data Stori references. There is a one–time license fee and a 20% annual support and upgrade fee after that. You can view the legal agreements near the bottom of the download page.

The Process:

When OraPub receives your license payment, we will confirm your database's database ID (DBID) to be analyzed. Your license keys will be created and emailed to you usually within one business day.

Quantity Discount:

When licensing more than three databases, contact OraPub regarding quantity discounts and payment options.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

It's that simple! Isn't that refreshing?