Stori for Oracle Standard Edition

Stori fills the performance analysis features gap lost when moving to Oracle Standard Edition, making it easier to achieve the cost savings of the move to SE.

Stori is unique. No other product can transform performance data into an understandable story: well organized, in paragraph form with charts, specific and ranked recommendations and in plain English.

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You get:

  • Full Stori analysis capabilities... No capability limitation
  • Beautiful HTML analysis output with performance charts
  • Full command line charting and performance diagnosis capability
  • 1000 scripts in your pocket
  • No limit to seats, users, databases, clones, instances or hosts
  • StoriFree comes with an unlimited and renewable 180 day license (add StoriFree to your cart, checkout, etc.)
  • No agent! This means no load on monitored servers and data collection never stops

The Story Makes All The Difference

Ask Stori to find performance bottlenecks and it goes deep responding with stunning accuracy and completeness. Only Stori correlates all the server health indicators with a 100% quantitative analysis engine resulting in a well organized performance story that makes sense complete with ranked recommendations and charts. No other product can do what Stori does! It's FREE and it's engineered for Oracle Standard Edition! It also works wonderfully on Oracle Database Enterprise Edition but with some advanced analysis limitations.

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