Is Stori Right For Me?

Let's find out!

Stori is created for DBAs, but DBAs find themselves in many roles and situations. Are you...?

If you find yourself characterized in one of the above roles, Stori may be just what you are looking for! Check out StoriFree now.

Are you an Oracle Independent Software Vendor (ISV)?

  • Does poor application performance cause a massive and expensive distraction?
  • Would you like to bundle an Oracle performance tuning tool with your application or service?
  • Does your business model prohibit licensing expensive performance tools?
  • Is your staffing model not focused on customer centric Oracle performance issues?
  • Do you get caught in the crossfire between your customers and developers?
  • Do you wonder if you're not getting the most out of Oracle Standard Edition?

If your company develops or bundles and sells application software, poor application performance is a huge distraction. Traditional Oracle performance products typically don't fit well into an ISV business model. Even the best tools can seem complex, require trained staff to effectively use, and easily become the focus instead of your business solution. If you find yourself in this situation, Stori is a great solution. The value is enormous, the product powerful, the pricing attractive, and the licensing model simple. Contact us for more information.

Are you a consultant who wants your work discretely reviewed?

  • You're an expert, but do you sometimes want your worked reviewed?
  • Do you laugh at the thought of licensing expensive Oracle tools for your customers?
  • Do expensive Oracle tools give you what your scripts provide?
  • Would you like to profit by reselling Stori?

Many Oracle consultants like to have someone to review their work before they present their findings to their customers. Obviously, that can be problematic. Stori can be that discretionary reviewer without diverting attention away from you. Contact us for more details.

Are you a DBA working closely with Developers?

  • Are your Developers using Google to "solve" performance problems?
  • Do performance tool licensing schemes make absolutely no sense in your environment?
  • Do your Developers need specific performance details?
  • Would your Developers benefit and learn from a solid expert performance analysis?

Oracle DBAs many times find themselves caught in the middle of users and Developers. Users are unhappy and blame you, yet you did not write the SQL! Developers benefit when they feel the impact of their work. Stori's interactive and automated capabilities allow Developers to see how their work performs in real life!

But, giving Developers access to DBA roles is both a security and stability risk. Stori helps because Developers never have access to sensitive data. The Playback Facility can be used to script periodic analysis reports, and Developers can learn about solid performance analysis methods without compromising security.

Licensing is a breeze with Stori. Stori is licensed by database ID (DBID) not by the number of instances, databases, clones, CPUs, cores, etc. Licensing is simplified and obvious so there are no budget surprises or sticker shock! Contact us for more information.

Are you a part/full-time Oracle DBA wanting to step up your expertise?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable about how to start analyzing performance?
  • Does your budget eliminate traditional expert advice?
  • Do you need more than Google to deal with performance problems?
  • Are you confident transforming performance metrics into an understandable story?
  • Are you responsible to keep Oracle systems running fast?
  • Do you desire to learn more about Oracle performance tuning?
  • Is your budget about enough to buy a candy bar?
  • Do you feel caught in a maze of endless drill-downs and visualizations?

Many Oracle DBAs work with other databases: SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Progress, Hadoop, Berkeley... Stori will help you step up your Oracle Database tuning level from low level metrics to high level analysis. It's like talking with a performance expert who wants you to succeed! If you want to learn, see, and do expert Oracle performance analysis then check out Stori. Contact us and we'll help you take the next step.

Stori exists for you!

If you see yourself characterized by the above points, then please know that Stori was built for you! You owe it to yourself and your career to seriously look into Stori. A good way to start is by viewing some short video tutorials and getting StoriFree.

If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. OraPub is all about helping database administrators be successful in their Oracle Database performance work. We want to help!